Pixl is different.

I love photography! Unfortunately, the industry has adopted practices to which I strongly disagree. While I can't change the industry, I can hold my business to to a higher standard.

The Pixl Difference:

- Own your photos. Most photographers retain ownership and copyrights of the photos they take. I strongly believe the client owns the rights to their photographs. After all, a client hires a photographer to provide a service. I see no reason why I should own the photos instead of the client.

- To clarify, if you are a model, engaging my services means you own the copyright to the photos I take of you. You may want to sell the prints, or even your image to an advertising company. You now have full authority to do whatever you want with the photos. This is a result of Pixl transferring the photos' copyright to you, the client. There is complete freedom to use the photos any way you want. While I am still legally authorized to display the images in my portfolio, I always ask for permission first. Additionally, using your photos in my portfolio is the only legally authorized manner I can use your photos without your permission.

- Keep the digital files. I provide clients with full resolution digital files for their photos. Most photographers do not give clients full resolution copies of their photos. This is a common industry practice to force the client to pay the original studio for more high quality copies of their photos. However, I do not believe it is right to make a client pay again for photos already taken.

- No packages - you get ALL the photos. I do not sell packages with 'X number of Photos'. As a client, you receive copies of all the photos' final version. Most photographers only provide their clients with a certain number of images, unless clients want to pay more. I don't. With Pixl, you never have to pick and choose the images you want. They're all yours.

- No restrictions on printing. I refuse to gouge money from clients with inflated print costs. While I am happy to assist clients in getting prints of their images, I do not sell prints directly to clients. As these are your photos, feel free to get as many prints as you want from anywhere you want.

- Competitive price. Photography services start at $200 an hour. Individual portraits are 2 hours at minimum, and family portraits are 4 hours. Discounts are available for military and public service (Police, EMS, Fire, etc.) employees. There may also be discounts for Themed shoots.

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